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Under 10
U12 - Grading Div 3
U12 - Grading Div 2
U12 - Grading Div 1
U14 - Grading Div 1
U14 - Grading Div 2
U14 - Grading Div 3
U12 Div 1
U12 Div 2
U12 Div 3
U14 Div 1
U14 Div 2
U14 Div 3
U14 Twenty20 Competition
U12 Twenty20 Competition
1 000000000100000
2 000000000100000
3 Mattner, Ryan WBrahma Lodge Cricket Club000000000000100
4 Brdar, Andre JPayneham Cricket Club000000000010000
5 Goldsworthy, Benjamin AWalkerville Cricket Club000000000010000
6 Ross, DylanWalkerville Cricket Club000000000001000
7 Edgecombe, Mitchell JBrahma Lodge Cricket Club000000000000100
8 O'Reardon, Patrick PWalkerville Cricket Club000000000010000
9 Murray, Adam AHope Valley Cricket Club000000000000100
10 Towers, Christopher MPayneham Cricket Club000000000010000
11 Sneddon, CallumModbury Cricket Club000000000000100
12 Walker-Roberts, BlakeEastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club000000000000100
13 Grace, Hamish MWalkerville Cricket Club000000000010000
14 Taylor, ChristopherGolden Grove Cricket Club000000000010000
15 Keen, AlexanderWalkerville Cricket Club000000000000100
16 James, WilliamGaza Cricket Club000000000010000
17 Polkinghorne, JoshuaGolden Grove Cricket Club000000000000100
18 De Conno, Ben AHope Valley Cricket Club000000000010000
19 Lawrence, LanceHope Valley Cricket Club000000000100000
20 Drosd, MatteusEastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club000000000010000
21 Millett, IsaacModbury Cricket Club000000000000100
22 Fanning, IsaacWalkerville Cricket Club000000000010000
23 Turnbull, Tom JPayneham Cricket Club000000000010000
24 Hodgkison, ThomasGlenunga Cricket Club000000000010000
25 Wilson, HarveyEastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club000000000000100
26 Myall, HenryWalkerville Cricket Club000000000010000
27 Llewellyn, Mitchell BHope Valley Cricket Club000000000010000
28 Young, DarcyGlenunga Cricket Club000000000010000
29 Young, MorganGlenunga Cricket Club000000000010000
30 Roberts, Blake LGlenunga Cricket Club000000000010000
31 Wishart, ChristianHope Valley Cricket Club000000000000100
32 Mittal, AadiWalkerville Cricket Club000000000010000
33 Van Aardt, AntonHope Valley Cricket Club000000000000100
34 McKeegan, TyWalkerville Cricket Club000000000001000
35 Madigan, Jake MHope Valley Cricket Club000000010000000
36 Davey, BradleyGolden Grove Cricket Club000000000000100
37 Morrell, Alexander JEastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club000000000010000
38 Milne, Charles RWalkerville Cricket Club000000000001000
39 Young, JacobWalkerville Cricket Club000000000100000
40 Jelly, HudsonModbury Cricket Club000000000000100
41 Jelly, ArcherModbury Cricket Club000000000000100
42 Saunders, Jay CPayneham Cricket Club000000000010000
43 Hasiuk, LeviBrahma Lodge Cricket Club000000000000100
44 grant, tomEastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club000000000000100
45 King, SamGlenunga Cricket Club000000000010000
46 Kopec, RyanGolden Grove Cricket Club000000010000000
47 Feutrill, JackGepps Cross Cricket Club000000000001000
48 Belperio, JosephHope Valley Cricket Club000000010000000
49 Vispute, RakshitGolden Grove Cricket Club000000001000000
50 Minnema, Solomon DWalkerville Cricket Club000000000001000
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Total Records: 498   Page: 1 of 10   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.