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Under 10
Under 12 - Grading Division 3
Under 12 - Grading Division 2
Under 12 - Grading Division 1
Under 14 - Grading Division 1
Under 14 - Grading Division 2
Under 14 - Grading Division 3
1 Story, ThomasHope Valley Cricket Club0000010
2 Mattner, Ryan WBrahma Lodge Cricket Club0000010
3 Smith, Jack AWalkerville Cricket Club0000010
4 Lorenz, AustinAthelstone Cricket Club0000010
5 Brdar, AndrePayneham Cricket Club0000010
6 Stevens, OscarWalkerville Cricket Club0000100
7 Dimasi, Ryan NPara Hills Cricket Club0000010
8 Becker, Noah RHope Valley Cricket Club0000010
9 Pannell, Joshua SWalkerville Cricket Club0001000
10 Whitbread, Cooper KHope Valley Cricket Club0000010
11 Henwood, DylanMawson Lakes Cricket Club0000001
12 Henwood, CooperMawson Lakes Cricket Club0000001
13 Scadden, William TBrahma Lodge Cricket Club0000010
14 Miller, Mitchell TGlenunga Cricket Club0000001
15 Tappert, Liam MBrahma Lodge Cricket Club0000010
16 Kemp, JeremyHope Valley Cricket Club0000001
17 Gregory, Mitchell RWalkerville Cricket Club0000010
18 Langfield, Bradley JPara Hills Cricket Club0000010
19 Dand, LachlanGolden Grove Cricket Club0000010
20 McDonald, WilliamGolden Grove Cricket Club0000001
21 Sarson, CooperWalkerville Cricket Club0000001
22 Teo, JosephEastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club0000001
23 Ross, DylanWalkerville Cricket Club0100000
24 Fry, CameronBrahma Lodge Cricket Club0000010
25 Smith, Cody BModbury Cricket Club0000010
26 Buckland, Luke CGolden Grove Cricket Club0000001
27 Syrianos, EmmanuelWalkerville Cricket Club0000001
28 Edgecombe, Mitchell JBrahma Lodge Cricket Club0000010
29 Pedersen, Lachlan JPayneham Cricket Club0000100
30 Blackwood, Jackson FMawson Lakes Cricket Club0000001
31 Gendron, Ryan PGaza Cricket Club0000001
32 Patel, Krish MMawson Lakes Cricket Club0000001
33 Tyler, Jayke CGolden Grove Cricket Club0000001
34 Murray, Adam AHope Valley Cricket Club0010000
35 Towers, Christopher MPayneham Cricket Club0010000
36 McKenzie, Jackson JIngle Farm District Cricket Club0100000
37 Dutton, Thomas JPayneham Cricket Club0000100
38 Awramenko, Liam MModbury Cricket Club0000010
39 Smith, Thomas MPara Hills Cricket Club0000010
40 COOK, EDWARD AEastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club0000010
41 Hoberg, KaiEastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club0000010
42 Dallimore, HarrisonWalkerville Cricket Club0000010
43 Sneddon, CallumModbury Cricket Club0000010
44 Cooke, Oliver JGlenunga Cricket Club0000100
45 Grace, Hamish MWalkerville Cricket Club0000100
46 Taylor, ChristopherModbury Cricket Club0000010
47 PITRODA, HARSH JMawson Lakes Cricket Club0000001
48 Nitschke, Henry GGlenunga Cricket Club0001000
49 Milner, Edward TPayneham Cricket Club0000100
50 Keen, AlexanderWalkerville Cricket Club0000001
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Total Records: 727   Page: 1 of 15   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.