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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubUnder 10U12 - Grading Div 3U12 - Grading Div 2U12 - Grading Div 1U14 - Grading Div 1U14 - Grading Div 2U14 - Grading Div 3U12 Div 1U12 Div 2U12 Div 3U14 Div 1U14 Div 2U14 Div 3Under 10U12 - Grading Div 3U12 - Grading Div 2U12 - Grading Div 1U14 - Grading Div 1U14 - Grading Div 2U14 - Grading Div 3U12 Div 1U12 Div 2U12 Div 3U14 Div 1U14 Div 2U14 Div 3
Abbi, AravIngle Farm District Cricket Club40000000000004000000000000
Abbott, XavierGlenunga Cricket Club0003000130010000030001300100
Abell, HaydenHope Valley Cricket Club0000021000001400000210000014
Abeywickrama, Thenu TPayneham Cricket Club1800000000000018000000000000
Abu-Assi, NasserWalkerville Cricket Club1300000013000013000000130000
Acharya, JaysonWalkerville Cricket Club0030000130000000300001300000
Adey, RaidenGepps Cross Cricket Club80000000000008000000000000
Aeri, UtkarshGolden Grove Cricket Club30000000000003000000000000
Agheda, ManavWalkerville Cricket Club0300000015000003000000150000
Agnew, GriffinWalkerville Cricket Club0030000110000000300001100000
Ahmed, SulaymanPayneham Cricket Club1700000000000017000000000000
Ahmed, Syed HamdanGepps Cross Cricket Club0000020000001100000200000011
Alcorn, SamuelGlenunga Cricket Club1500000000000015000000000000
Alcorn, ThomasGlenunga Cricket Club0030000121000000300001210000
Aldous , ZacharyPara Hills Cricket Club1700000000000017000000000000
Allen, DarcyGlenunga Cricket Club1100000000000011000000000000
Allen, HarveyGlenunga Cricket Club1700000000000017000000000000
Allen, JackGolden Grove Cricket Club0000000000014000000000000140
Allen, JoshGlenunga Cricket Club0000030000016000000300000160
Allgrove, WilliamEastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club1200000000000012000000000000
Allison, LiamGepps Cross Cricket Club1300000000000013000000000000
Alwarappan, JaanavGlenunga Cricket Club0003000015000000030000150000
Amaro, NoahIngle Farm District Cricket Club1000003000015110000030000151
Ami, Kabir AliGepps Cross Cricket Club0000020000011100000200000111
Amos, BlakeModbury Cricket Club0000003000016000000030000160
Anderson, MaxwellGlenunga Cricket Club0000030000130000000300001300
Ansell, Willem TPayneham Cricket Club1400000000000014000000000000
Anthony, PranavEastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club0300000013000003000000130000
Antonas, Edward (Ted)Eastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club1600000000000016000000000000
Appleton, Isaak JPara Hills Cricket Club0003000013000000030000130000
Appleton, James BPayneham Cricket Club0003000012000000030000120000
Appleton, SamuelPara Hills Cricket Club1300000000000013000000000000
Aravind, IshaanSalisbury West Cricket Club60000000000006000000000000
Aravind, SahanaSalisbury West Cricket Club10000000000001000000000000
Asudiya, RudraHope Valley Cricket Club90000000000009000000000000
Atkins, WillGolden Grove Cricket Club0000210000014000002100000140
Atvan, AryaEastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club1400000000000014000000000000
Aulakh, AbhayGolden Grove Cricket Club1400000000100014000000001000
Aulakh, Murad vir singhGepps Cross Cricket Club0000020000010300000200000103
Ayaz, NaumanNorth Pines Cricket Club01000000100000100000010000
Ayaz, SulaimanNorth Pines Cricket Club01000000100000100000010000
Babwani, ArmaanGaza Cricket Club0000210000013000002100000130
Badcock, LuisPara Hills Cricket Club0300000015010003000000150100
BAIG, Muhammad ShayaanEastern Suburbs Junior Cricket Club0300000015000003000000150000
Baig, RaahimGlenunga Cricket Club1200000000000012000000000000
Bain, AbbyGlenunga Cricket Club1500000000000015000000000000
bain, angusGlenunga Cricket Club0030000131000000300001310000
Baird, JackGolden Grove Cricket Club1900000000100019000000001000
Bairstow, LiamHope Valley Cricket Club0000003000001500000030000015
Balachander, KeshavWalkerville Cricket Club1900000000000019000000000000